Piers Baker

Piers Baker


Piers Baker is a professional cartoonist and the creator of all the images you'll find on this site.  

Piers is a co-founder and the creative force behind Doodle Ads, the name now synonymous with Whiteboard Animation. His work is used by whiteboard animators worldwide for it's consistently witty interpretation of everyday situations and the huge number of available images.

Piers is also the creator of the hilarious comic strip "Ollie & Quentin" distributed worldwide by King Features Syndicate in New York.

About Doodle Ads

Whiteboard Animation may have started in the US but it was Doodle Ads that first brought it to the UK. Combining hand drawn cartoons and clever scripts that focused on the problems and desires of the viewer, whiteboard animation quickly proved a hit with businesses of all types and sizes. Doodle Ads earned a quick reputation for its witty, high quality work. In fact, we were soon being contacted by American companies because we were doing this better than they were!

Today, Doodle Ads has an international client base, producing videos in a range of languages and for businesses of all sizes. It also has an international team, with staff located in the UK, Spain, The Netherlands and the Philippines.

©Piers Baker

Ollie and Quentin

... is a buddy strip about the unlikely friendship between a seagull called Ollie and an adventurous lugworm called Quentin despite the obvious food chain disparity that suggests Ollie should be more interested in Quentin as a snack than as a friend.

The strip follows their adventures as they learn about each other and treat us to their often hilarious bird's eye and worm's eye view of our world. Unsurprisingly, for two creatures living outside of their normal habitats, their daily antics often end in disaster especially for thumb-sized Quentin who has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's been squashed, stretched, swallowed, chewed, inflated, frozen, even used as a bar of soap but our plucky little hero takes it all in his stride, never letting his small size deter him from having fun with his feathered cohort.

Piers has been writing and drawing Ollie and Quentin for over 15 years and admits that, professionally, the comic is his #1 passion.

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Ollie & Quentin Walk Movie
I love Ollie and Quentin! It’s so hilarious I had to go to the encyclopaedia to see what a lugworm was!
Check back regularly for a new comic...

Check back regularly for a new comic...